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Intelligence is the ability to acquire new knowledge and skills, to use your memory and imagination and apply them to your current activity
Many people wonder how to boost their intelligence. Neuroplasticity of your brain allows it to physically change depending on the activity you are engaged in. Even the cleverest person can expand the abilities of their brain. So don't waste your time!
1. Learn by teaching others
If don't understand a certain topic very well, you will never be able to explain it to someone else. By teaching, you are increasing your own knowledge. Therefore, if you want to remember something very quickly, try to teach someone that.
2. Write down to learn
Laying out your thoughts on paper is a very common method of studying, which develops your ability to think methodically and logically. To be able to create a cohesive text, you need to describe each notion in detail. This practice will allow you to get a deeper and better understanding of the topic and memorize it very well.
3. Listen to audiobooks
Audiobooks is a great tool to receive knew information while doing your everyday activities. On your way home from work, during a workout in the gym or in the kitchen when making dinner – an audiobook can be with you anywhere and anytime.
4. Learn a new language
The best way to develop your intelligence and improve your cognitive skills is to learn a foreign language. Scientists have discovered that people who can speak two or more languages are at a much lower risk of developing dementia in their senior years.
Follow these simple tips and you will definitely notice that your brain functions will improve.
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